Europe cannot be blackmailed concerning migration

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis called for a common EU policy on asylum seekers and on the continent's external border protection, speaking during the second day of the European People's Party (EPP) Congress in Zagreb.

There are three things we need to do if we want to deal with the migration crisis effectively said the prime minister. 

  • Protect our borders, 
  • Share the responsibility equally among member states
  • Look into the root cause of the problem, which is war and poverty in some important parts of the world 

Mitsotakis also accused Ankara of using the migration crisis for leverage in international negotiations and said that Europe cannot be blackmailed on this issue. He also underlined how "it is time to have some honest dialogue and fewer irresponsible statements," and stressed that Turkey must fulfill its part of the EU-Turkey Statement on migration.

He also noted that "Europe can no longer pretend that the migration crisis affects only the member states at the union's borders," and called the Dublin Regulation affecting refugees and migrants to EU "lamentably insufficient."

The prime minister also emphasized that Greece is at the end of its tether in terms of managing the sheer number of migrants arriving on a daily basis, and as a first-entry country for migrants should not have to bear the brunt of the migratory influx alone.

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