The Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Greece

Why travel to Greece? Because it offers multiple options for exploration and enjoyment—so many that it can leave the average traveler feeling a little overwhelmed. Try to identify the main purpose of your trip before you begin zeroing in on what you want to do most while you're there. 

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The Top 10 Reasons to Travel to Greece
  • Visit world famous archaeological sites.
  • Have fun in the sun on great Greek beaches—bare if you dare.
  • Expand your understanding of Greek culture for educational reasons. 
  • Explore your Greek family history.
  • Get married or enjoy a honeymoon. 
  • Experience Greek arts, including music, dance, and theater
  • Tick a few more items off your lifetime bucket list of destinations.
  • Spend time enjoying a sport or hobby in an unusual location.
  • Follow a sports team or attend a concert or festival. 
  • Experience locations from movies shot in Greece. 

Other purposes might include attending a professional conference or workshop, visiting friends or family, volunteering on an archaeological dig or another educational opportunity, or a religious or spiritual pilgrimage to a sacred site. Most people have more than one reason for a single trip.

The first three combine easily—it's hard to go to Greece and not see sights, have fun in the sun, and automatically expand your understanding of Greek culture. Exploring family history or getting married or enjoying a honeymoon are more specialized activities and require extra advance planning. More and more people are traveling for "ancestral tourism"—visiting general or specific locations where their relatives once lived.

For world travelers, hitting the high notes of Greece on an organized tour may satisfy their Greek cravings. Activity-based or adventure travel is just beginning to take hold in Greece, but whatever you'd like to learn or do in Greece, you can probably find it. "Voluntourism," where you spend part of your time teaching or helping, is also growing in popularity.

If you follow a sports team or musical group that's putting on an event in Greece, this may be secondary to your trip, but you can still take full advantage of the location to create a memorable visit even if your side loses or the concert is canceled at the last minute.

As for movie locations, many travelers are first introduced to Greece as the background for a movie. But like any good scene-stealer, the movie itself may be largely forgotten except for its beautiful Greek locations.

Whatever your reason for traveling to Greece, this magical country will fulfill your expectations—especially if you plan your trip ahead of time.

Bonus Reasons to Travel to Greece 

The light of Greece: 
The special light of Greece - a combination of the whitewashed houses, the reflection off the sea and the angle of incidence - has been renowned for thousands of years. It just feels good to be outside in Greek sunshine.

The "Mediterranean Diet" was born here:
Scientists have determined that the Mediterranean Diet studied on the Greek Island of Crete is one of the healthiest in the world. If you stick to Greek food on your trip, you'll receive some of the benefits of this healthy, tasty way of eating.

It has great water: 
Bottled water from the numerous sacred mountain springs of Greece is available everywhere and very cheap. Your body will thank you for this vacation from the over-treated water you're used to drinking back home.

Elevating ancient architecture: 
Much of the ancient architecture of Greece was constructed according to the "Golden Mean," a use of proportions that seems to just naturally soothe and inspire the human brain. You may not consciously understand why, but gazing at Greek art and architecture will please your neurons.

Natural products: 
Many producers of skin and spa products use the intensely beneficial local Greek plants, minerals and other natural substances to create their products. Most are inexpensive. It's a treat to use them while you're in Greece, and even better to bring some back home to continue your Greek travel therapy.

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