The value of The Greek Breakfast

Wake up to The Greek Breakfast and enjoy a delicious, nutritious array of certified local products and specialties. Real Greek yoghurt, pure honey, the freshest fruits, free-range eggs and traditional marmalades are just some of the Greek superfoods to boost your energy for the get up and go to start your day.

The Greek Breakfast is a chance to experience the tasty dishes of a locale and explore regional gastronomy. You’ll discover local specialties, products and recipes; some so treasured they’ve barely left the family kitchen. The Greek Breakfast introduces you to the history and culture of the regions of Greece through authentic breakfast foods, which highlight the dynamic role of the surrounding countryside in shaping gastronomic tradition– including the delicacies dreams are made of. Tsoureki sweet bread; Koulouri Thessalonikis, delicious bread ring with sesame seeds, Cretan rusks, homemade spanakopita, spinach pie, glorious local cheeses and an assortment of fresh breads.   There are also many temptations to indulge the sweet tooth, such as milopita, apple pie and spoon sweets like chestnut and plum, breakfast pastry with thyme honey and almonds and walnut pie, as well as Greek halva and, if you dare, Greek pancakes with cinnamon.

The Greek Breakfast offers a range of high-quality products, PDO certified, which are internationally-recognized as basic foods of the Mediterranean Diet. Traditional methods are used to reap all the benefits of Nature’s gifts. The result is quality fruits, vegetables, dairy, meats and exceptional products, such as Greek olive oil. The delicious ‘Kalamata’ olives of the Peloponnese must be handpicked to avoid bruising. World- famous Greek feta cheese is made from special breeds of sheep and goats which give this choice food its distinct aroma and flavor. The Aegina pistachios produced in the warm, dry climate of the island are carefully harvested to avoid damaging the trees.

The Greek Breakfast invites you to share the rich gastronomic heritage of Greece and enjoy the taste of regional cuisine, from place to place.

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