Five Offerings to Take Your Hotel to the Next Level

The hospitality industry, much like other areas of the economy, is facing major challenges following the COVID-19 outbreak of 2020 with many small and boutique hotels looking for different ways of attracting new guests. In 2016, the hotel and hospitality industry was worth an astonishing $7.6 trillion for the global economy. As competition for guests is growing across the world, finding ways of taking your hotel to the next level should be high on your list.

1. Invest in Technology
One of the most important parts of life in the 21st-century is technology. Access to the internet in your hotel is vital for all guests whether they are traveling for work or leisure. Charging an access fee for hotel wi-fi is not a good idea because many potential guests will be willing to downgrade on other services if it means they can get the free wifi access they desire. For those who are already looking to offer free wifi, another option is to provide free streaming services in rooms to enhance the entertainment options for guests.

2. Offer Cold-Brew Coffee
Most of us have been in hotels and tasted the rather average coffee on offer in our rooms or with a complimentary breakfast. If you are looking to make a change to the way your services are viewed, a good option is to look to improve the standard of your beverages on offer. Cold-brew and iced coffee are always welcome choices as more people than ever are looking to this kind of coffee for a fresh start to the day. Offering the best services means the standard of food and drink on offer at your hotel should match to push you to the next level of service.

3. Engage with the Local Community
Many options can be explored within the local community that will help your business to expand. Your hotel may or may not offer food, but if guests are looking for a dining experience outside your location it can pay off to set up a referral program. A restaurant that offers a well-reviewed service in the local area can often be a positive in terms of referrals if a cross-promotion project can be established. Not only can your hotel benefit from guests at the hotel making their way to your hotel, but you can also find your standing in the local community rising at the same time.

4. Train Staff Members to Identify Guest Issues
There are a few ways to get a headstart on the ways guests feel when they are staying in your hotel. It is possible to train your staff members to anticipate the mood and issues your guests are facing before they ask for assistance. A guest your staff members know is on a business trip and looks tired could be offered a coffee or asked if any business services are required to ease their stay.

5. Eco-Friendly
Whether a traveler is on a business or leisure trip, many of them will be looking at your hotel to help them offset the carbon emissions spent on travel. The ability to offer an eco-friendly hotel experience and healthy options within the hotel environment. In 2018, the world’s first hotel free of single-use plastic opened and showed that changing with the times can be a bonus for guests and prove profitable for hotel owners.

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