Emerging Post-crisis Travel Trends That Hoteliers Should Know

Would people ever like to travel again? What travel behaviors should I focus on? What will be the fate of hospitality? Will my hotel ever be able to get back to normal? These are the questions that you, as a hotelier, might be asking yourself almost every day for the past few weeks.

crisis travel trends

And you’re not alone.

With the first phase of the pandemic behind us, countries around the world are soon going to ease coronavirus lockdown with local travel.

As the pandemic situation changes rapidly, new travel trends and behaviors are emerging. trivago’s CEO, Axel Hefer, expects the industry to come back soon–albeit in a new form.

So, how will the new travel look like?

According to Hefer, “the new trip is going to be 100% on your own in terms of transportation and accommodations. That is the absolute perceived safest trip you can imagine. You get into your car, take your family, you open the door, you clean everything, that’s it. That is the absolute perceived-safest trip you can imagine. The next one is you go to a hotel. You see other people, but there are a lot of safety restrictions in there, social distancing, everything is cleaned very diligently.”

This means that demand for domestic and leisure travel is soon going to soar and as a hotelier, you’ll have an opportunity to welcome travelers again in your property. At first, people won’t venture far from home and will look for hotels and/or alternative accommodations that promote safe, hygienic, and social-distancing environments. Additionally, people will now look for trips and stays that ensure entertainment and mental rejuvenation for the whole family after the long lockdown.

As a hotelier, it’s crucial for you to understand such post-crisis travel trends and behaviors to win business during the post-crisis period. Let’s explore the current travel trends and in our next post, we’ll share online marketing and onsite hospitality tips on how to attract and delight travelers of today.

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