Don't forget the vibe

Setting up a new catering business is definately, time consuming and costly. For a new bar or restaurant a whole group of people have worked together, so that everything will be ready in order to start having customers. 

by George Theodorakos

Architects, engineers, graphic designers, decorators and a management team that coordinates the operational part. Sooner or later, the time has come for the doors to open to the public.

The cooks sharpen their knives in the kitchen having set up an amazing menu. The bartenders are ready to mix a batch of fresh fruits and juices, with alcohol to present fancy cocktails, the staff wears its best smile to welcome the customers and all of this together will become a daily routine for the team.

Do you think that something is missing?

7 years ago a small bar-restaurant opened its doors, in my city and from Day 1  until today it remains one of the most popular places in all area. Many entrepreneurs, having seen this success since the beginning, tried to clone it, but almost no one succeeded.

So a friend asked me once, which is, in my oppinion, the secret of the success of this small restaurant. Its competitors had real good food, remarkable chefs, planning and service, but the vibe was missing…

But what is the vibe?

The vibe is difficult to be identified and even more difficult to be created.

It is the music, the lighting, the decoration, the location, the interaction of staff and customers and other small but vital details, that if they can be linked to the service offered by the company then we are talking about a successful timelessness.

But how can we create the vibe?

1. Aesthetics of the area

Decoration and lighting play a big role in creating the so-called vibe in our business. The customer will be impressed by how we have decorated and illuminated various corners of the store and how they warm up the area making it look more relaxing and soothing.

We can have a small example visiting very bright or very dark places that do not make you feel well, when you want to dine with your friends or others around you. The decoration will help beyond the aesthetics the current trend as well, enforcing the public to make photos at several parts of the business and uploading them on the internet. That is going to help in some ways, the so-called social media marketing. Many outlets have become known through characteristic touches of decoration. Customers love to take pictures in parts of the store that make them feel special.

2. The sounds

Imagine yourself, trying to enjoy your meal and drinks in an annoyingly noisy outlet either from music or from the hustle and bustle. The music should be wisely connect with the space and the number of people and to create the right atmosphere at all parts of the day.

3. The staff

Nowadays, it is very difficult to organize a team that keeps the right balance in good service but also in how to give a slightly friendly and polite impression to every customer, contributing to the creation of the vibe that the company wants to achieve. 

This balance is delicate because each customer is different and wants a different approach. In most cases, the first time is the one that plays the most important role so that if you succeed, you start creating the right atmosphere, which will create the right vibe.

4. The location

The location of the business plays an important role as well, that helps the overall experience. An idyllic view, a shady courtyard, a well-air-conditioned and covered outdoor area in winter and summer decorated with real plants will assist you in creating the right vibe.

On the contrary external factors such as main roads with traffic noise or infamous areas could definately destroy it.

All these factors together and other small details can create, this precious vibe, which will help the business to remain efficient over time and to be loved by its customers.

Set up your business with the best "weapons" and when everything is ready do the so-called soft opening by inviting friends and relatives. Sit down and observe all of these details and the mood of your visitors. If you feel something special, then it will be definately perceived by customers as well.

Create the vibe and you won’t lose!

 He was born in Larisa Greece in September 1983 a city which is popular among the citizens for its unique hospitality services. His professional experience begins in 2000 when he starts working as a bartender while studying at the local university from which, he later graduates, holding a bachelor degree in Business Administration. His passion for the industry exploring and mixing all the new gastro-trends, leads him towards Athens as he decides to study a Master in Food and Beverage management. He worked with great success, for some of the best cocktail bars in the Greek capital, however his acumen towards the industry creates new horizons while opens new opportunities in Europe with the city of Rotterdam the first stop in this European trip, where he works as a Bar Manager, creating and delivering a new cocktail philosophy, fully based and inspired by the Mediterranean nutrition and local traditions combined with the most recent global trends. His European trip doesn’t stop in the Netherlands, nevertheless, as a move to London, the European culinary capital, seems to be inevitable and a Supervisor position for one of the most popular Bar/Restaurants is waiting for him, expanding his knowledge while giving him these extra skills and confidence he was missing in order to make the next professional move which is a current managerial position for a very well-known British group of restaurants in the City of London.alert-info 
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