When is the right moment to make someone, supervisor

by Vassilios Canellos
You have already gathered good employees and there are a few great leaders on your team that aren't yet in managerial positions. Some of them may already take on the role of a department manager without claiming the title, while others may show certain signs that they've got what it takes to lead.

A wrong promotion will definately cost you money and time so you have to be sure about the abilities of the "lucky one"

They slowly change their vocabulary from singular to plural

Going from being an employee to a manager occurs when team members get to a certain point. It's normally a point when they begin to understand a manager's point of view. An employee may use the term I, or mine.Those ready to assume a management role may choose words like we or ours.

They prove they can manage firstly themselves.

One key indicator that an employee has really come to a point to become a supervisor is when they require less and less time to get managed.The only way someone can ever hope to be a manager is if they can manage themselves, and this is typically a good evidence that they're ready for the new title

They care about the others

If an employee is concerned for their co-worker's success as much as their own on a group project, that's usually a very good sign you have a team player that wants others to succeed. When you see that it usually means that this employee starts to feel how important is the "teamplay"

They accept responsibility

A sign of a leader ready to take on a managerial role is the ability to take responsibility for themselves or the team. It shows that they are confident, they care for the organization and they feel like getting that extra mile that leads to the managerial position.

They already manage naturally without realizing it

When a staff member is ready to take on a managerial role, they've already taken on a managerial role without realizing it. Often, this happens from employees that want it but they can't handle it so you have to stop it immediately, but if you see that the rest of the team accept this person, it's surely a good sign. When somebody truly wants to be in that role, they do it without even trying because they enjoy it

They always look for solutions

A positive thinking employee with deep knowledge of his job, usually refers to you with a solution rather than telling you the problem

They're proactive

People need instructions and it's good to give them every detail they need about the job.Someimes you forget things or you leave things of no importance.When I find team members proactively asking questions to improve their output to the company, that's when I know they're ready

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