Boost Your Hotel in 2023 – Add The Missing Link


In the last few years, the expression "The future is in the digitalization" has become one of the most common phrases that was invariably present in every hospitality forum, regardless of whether the focus was on tourism, telecommunications industry or any other business sphere.

In 2023 it’s time to say “The future is here”! The question that is on the agenda is not if, but rather when and how quickly we can harness new technologies so that they are of real benefit to our business.

The Virtual Concierge of TouchMenu adds the missing link that helps hospitality ecosystems make money and happy guests in a sustainable way using cutting-edge technology.


The All-in-one web-based platform is a powerful suite that interconnects hotels with their on-site dining, meeting, entertainment facilities and giving your property in the palm of your guests’ hands. The hotels guests are being attracted with a full set of services, accessible from any mobile device or tablet through a single QR code scan.

In regard to pricing, the virtual concierge is not an expensive luxury. On the contrary, it’s an affordable solution with a fixed monthly fee that averages one night's stay and provides an immediate Return On Investment:

1. Reduces carbon footprint by eliminating paper waste. On average, a hotel with 200 rooms and 4 pages in their info folder could save up to 8.2 trees / year.

The digital guest directory not only replaces paper, but enables: 
✔️ Information popups
✔️ Social media integrations
✔️ Guest reward programs
✔️ Feedback and review modules
✔️ List of venues with custom settings.

2. Optimizes work processes and staff efficiency by improving interdepartmental communication and providing quick connect to reception and concierge, maintenance, SPA reservation and management module, direct orders, room service and online payments.

3. Increases income and guest satisfaction by up-selling products and services using Artificial Intelligence - analysing customer behaviour and interaction patterns, making optimization suggestions of layout and product availability.

One of its latest modules aiming to optimize the work of event organizers. MICE sales managers now have the opportunity to send a complete offer, including the full set of the banqueting kit via a QR code, or a link, so that clients can assemble coffee breaks, specify the number of participants and to choose food and beverages for lunch and dinner and of course to make changes until deal is finalized. At any moment during that process, the built-in budget event calculator visualises event details and final price.
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Feel free to request a personalized demo for your hotel now and experience the full potential of TouchMenu! To get an exclusive offer, mention the following Promo Code #Boost23GR, which is available till 31.03.2023. {alertInfo}
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