5 Amazing Health Benefits of Coffee You Need to Know


We all love a steaming hot cup of coffee, especially first thing in the morning when it can feel hard to find the motivation to get up and face the day! 

However, what if we were to tell you that your morning cup of coffee might actually have more benefits for your health and wellbeing than you’d previously realized? While we often demonize coffee for its caffeine content, there are several potential health benefits of coffee that you could enjoy. We have outlined a few of these as follows to help inform your decision.

If you’ve been feeling guilty about your morning cup of coffee – don’t be! While it may seem a little odd, coffee may provide several health benefits when drunk in moderation. Of course, these vary from person to person, and there’s always room for further study. Still, the following five benefits could be worth considering for your own health!

#1 Boosts Cognitive Function

We all know that coffee contains caffeine, which can help wake us up when we’re feeling groggy. But did you know that the unique combination of compounds found in coffee may help boost your awareness and cognitive health?

Some contemporary research has found links between coffee consumption and long-term cognitive health. However, others have looked further into this and identified that caffeine alone may not provide these benefits. This would suggest the combination of compounds found naturally in coffee may help!

#2 Enhanced Liver Health

Our livers play a vital role in the body, processing toxins and keeping our blood free of nasty compounds that could be dangerous. However, it’s not uncommon for our livers to get damaged, especially with regular alcohol consumption.

Fortunately, one study with almost half a million participants found that coffee can help reduce the risks of chronic liver disease. This was true for caffeinated, decaffeinated, and ground coffee alike. As such, if you have concerns about your liver health, a cup of coffee in the morning might be an idea.

Of course, this should never replace your prescription medications for liver disease, so discuss this with your doctor if you have any concerns or already have a prescription for liver disease.

#3 Reduced Inflammation

A large number of people suffer from inflammation, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Several natural supplements have been found to reduce inflammation, and research suggests that coffee consumption may help too. While it is unlikely to reduce severe inflammation, it could be a worthwhile option to consider if you have low-grade inflammation, as suggested by a study regarding the impact of coffee consumption on inflammatory markers.

#4 Supports Coronary Health

We’ve clarified already that coffee may help with cognitive function. However, did you know that a seemingly simple cup of coffee could also benefit your coronary (heart) health?

A study monitoring coffee intake and its impacts on heart failure risks actually found that coffee consumption appeared to decrease the risks of conditions such as heart failure, with increasing coffee consumption having greater impacts.

That’s not necessarily to say you should drastically increase your consumption of coffee – as too much coffee can absolutely have side effects! Still, this review suggests that regular drinking a small amount of coffee could benefit your overall heart health and reduce the risks of severe coronary complications.

However, you should always discuss this with your healthcare provider if you have any concerns about heart health. Coronary failures can be very serious and potentially fatal, so if you’re concerned, reach out to a healthcare professional as soon as possible.

#5 Boosts Activity Levels

We all know that regular exercise is crucial for our health and wellbeing, but many of us struggle to find the time (or enthusiasm) to get out and about. Unfortunately, a sedentary lifestyle can negatively affect your body’s health. Common risks associated with a sedentary lifestyle include depression and anxiety, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity, metabolic syndromes, and more.

Fortunately, a study into coffee consumption and exercise found that drinking a single cup of coffee can significantly increase the chances of a person meeting their recommended exercise requirements. If you have been finding it hard to get up and active, a cup of coffee may make the difference.

Don’t forget, the caffeine levels in coffee can also boost your metabolism, which may make you feel more energized and ready to begin exercising too.

Final Thoughts

While coffee, for most of us at least, is primarily a delicious drink to help kickstart the day, there may be several health benefits associated with coffee too. From boosting your liver health to helping improve cognitive function and more, it’s amazing how much difference a little coffee could have.

But, of course, the best things in life are always enjoyed in moderation. So, just because a small amount of coffee could offer health benefits doesn’t mean you should necessarily start downing a cup every few hours! Always regulate your coffee intake, especially if you add sugar, to reduce the risk of side effects from overconsumption.

Did You Know?

Some coffee is thought to exacerbate stomach acid issues such as GERD, ulcers and gastritis – I have experienced this myself. There are some ways to reduce the acidity of the coffee you are drinking, including cold-brewing and using a lower acid brand of coffee.

Check out our reviews of low acid coffee and cold-brew coffee, right here on appreciatecoffee.com.

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