Airbnb aims to F&B

The relationship between hotels and Airbnb is fraught with tension and competition, but there’s one area where the two could establish a symbiotic alliance: Food & Beverage.

Airbnb aims to F&B

In fact, Airbnb already has its sights set on F&B. In September, the home-sharing service announced that it would be expanding into restaurant reservations—users now can book tables at about 650 restaurants across the U.S through its website and smartphone app.

Brian Chesky, Airbnb’s co-founder, CEO and head of community, took to twitter to gain insights from fans about what they wanted from an Airbnb F&B program. Their answers offer good insights into what travelers want when they dine on the road, and what hoteliers can provide them.

While it's not unusual for travel companies to up-sell customers -- say, by adding a rental car or flights after booking a hotel -- Airbnb insists its approach is unique, because it will be tailoring recommendations to a traveler's stay.

This is a major traveler pain point, said Joe "Joebot" Zadeh, Airbnb's director of Trips. Most people know the restaurants in their own city, but when they travel throughout the world they don’t know what are the best restaurants to eat at.

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