How to Create a Facebook Fan Page for Your Home Business

There are several places on Facebook where you can find the option to create a fan page including:
Visit an existing Facebook Fan page, such as The Balance, and click the Create a Page button on the left-hand side of the page. You may have to scroll down if the page has added extra features. 

By Randy Duermyer

You can also click the down arrow on the top menu bar next to the help icon. A menu will drop down and you can click on Create Page.

When you click on Create Page, you'll begin imputing information about your business and page.The first step is indicating the category that best fits your business. Your choices are:

    Local business or place
    Company, organization or institution
    Brand or product
    Artist, band, or public figure
    Cause or community

When you click on your choice, a drop down menu will appear in which you need to choose a sub-category within the main one to indicate the type of business. For example, if you click on Company, Organization or Institution, a new list will drop down so you can indicate what type of company such as aerospace or education.  Once you've chosen your category, the next steps are:

Name your page. Facebook Fan pages must have an official name. This can be the name of your business, but it can also include keywords for which you'd like to rank well for in Google search. Once you have a certain number of fans, you can create a customer URL for your page to make it easier to promote.
 Check the box that you are the official representative for the page. As the admin you'll have total control over the page. You can add others to your admin. For example you can have your virtual assistant help you manage the page.

Read Facebook's terms before proceeding. You do that by clicking the Review the Facebook terms link.Violating Facebook rules can get your page terminated, so be sure you know the policies.

Customizing Your Facebook Fan Page

Once you've completed the basic steps, you'll be able to provide additional information about the business, add a photo, and begin posting content. Before you start gathering fans, make sure your fan page provides all the important information about your business including:

    Link to your home business website
    Fill in the About information related to your business
    Integrate other social media such as Instagram, YouTube or Pinterest

What to Post on Your Facebook Fan Page

While the goal of making a business Facebook fan page is for marketing, you want to avoid posting only "buy now" type messages. Remember, social media is social and this is called a fan page, so your goal is to build a community.

To do that, you need to not only post helpful information, but also, messages that will attract followers and have them engage with you. Some ideas of what to post include:

    Blog post from your blog
    Blog post or articles from other sources
    Images with quotes or memes
    Ask questions
    Give behind the scenes look into your business
    Give advanced access to your content
    Special offers for fans only
    Contests or giveaways
    Anything that your fans would be interested in knowing about.

You might consider adding a group, which Facebook can help integrate with your fan page. Click on Community in the left-hand menu and Facebook will have a box that says Groups, with information on creating a Facebook group around your fan page.

Like other social media, you need to do more than post messages to your page. You also need to respond to comments and interact with your followers.
Getting a Custom URL

Before you can have a custom URL (i.e, you'll need to get 25 fans (people who have clicked the "Like" button on the top of your fan page). You can start by telling the people who are friends on your profile page know about the fan page. You can invite them specifically or you can post about the page on your profile feed. Be careful about inviting people to like your page, as sometimes this can annoy people. Make sure that whoever you invite is someone who is interested in what your fan page has to offer.

You can also build your following by including links to your fan page:

    On your website
    In your email signature
    On other social media (i.e. send a tweet about your fan page)
    On your business card
    In a message to your email list
    On a blog post about the fan page

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