2,500 years from the Battle of Thermopylae

The Municipality of Sparta intends to organize major events in 2020, because of the completion of 2,500 years since the Battle of Thermopylae, "Mayor Petros Doukoumavas said in a statement to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency.

As the mayor says, "Sparta, '300', Leonidas and the Battle of Thermopylae are unique and huge global brand names. We must use them, both as a debt to our ancestors and for the promotion of the country.

Regarding the organizational part, the Municipality of Sparta schedules festivals, events and competitions of poetry, dance, music, gymnastics, martial arts, Spartan cuisine and children's theater.

A large lounge will be set up in Sparta main Square, where various topics of philosophy, history, cosmology, medicine, theater, arts, poetry, geopolitics, etc. will be discussed among the VIP guests.

Geopolitical events are also planned, such as an East & West Forum, a conference of NATO countries ministers, as well as a large rural symposium emphasized on women's rural entrepreneurship.

Sports events will take place as well,  such as the Pan-Hellenic Boxing Championships, Spartathlon, Spartakiada, Hyper Marathon from Sparta to Thermopylae and many other.

Finally, as the mayor points out, apart from Sparta, "we want to organize events in Athens and in London", while regarding the preparations, he emphasizes... "the response and the contribution of the volunteers is very important"
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