Vegan maps for tourists are being prepared inThessaloniki

The municipality of Thessaloniki is planning to create a culinary "map" of vegan and vegetarian places, that will give to the city visitors, the opportunity to have reliable information. This plan was presented by Maria Karagiannis, Tourism and International Affairs Executive Advisor, during a conference held during the 35th Philoxenia Tourism Fair.

This "map" is expected to add value to the city's touristic product, which, in terms of gastronomic interest.

During the conference, the representative of the vegan movement in Greece (Project Coordinator of the Vegan Life Festival-Athens) Panos Haloftis spoke about the international trend in the "field" of veganism, about veganism in Greece and whether the "background" of cities such as Thessaloniki can attract visitors that are interested in this.

In Thessaloniki, according to a website with vegan and vegetarian restaurants, there are four vegan restaurants, 35 vegetarian and 325 others, registered as restaurants that can provide such services.

The percentage of citizens that follow veganism, is on the rise, with women having the largest share, while the age group of 25-45 is the most "present".

In addition, companies in the domestic market have already invested in the production and marketing of vegan products to meet the needs of a market that is expanding in size day by day.
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