Parga & Sivota - The Greek Riviera of Epirus

There are some places in Greece, that  have nothing different from the Dalmatian coast and the Norwegian fjords. Welcome to the "Riviera of Epirus", Parga and Sivota!

Two places that  have their own grace but also often serve as a… twin destination: Parga and Sivota.
Against the backdrop of the high mountains of Epirus, with lacy coasts in the Ionian Sea and near the west end of the Egnatia Highway, there are many reasons to constantly gain new fans !

Parga captivates you at first glance. We're talking about  a painting with the perfect combination of colors, alternations and dimensions. As for Sivota, with its magnificent beaches, lush hills and verdant islets, it is no accident that more and more tourists are attracted.

Beaches of Thesprotia Prefecture

Sivota expands around a  harbor with a paved waterfront. The lush hills and houses with red tiles create a spectacle on its own. Just beyond the main settlement, you start to see pictures that are reminiscent of the Caribbean - and believe me, that is  no exaggeration!
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