That's the other face of the Police in Greece

The viral video has prompted internet users to search for the mysterious policeman with the  fine voice. The identity of the policeman was first revealed by the page that posted the video, as facebook users wanted to find out who is the 30-year-old man.

The moment that the passing-by policeman took the microphone and joined the street musician

Marios Darviras also maintains a YouTube account where he uploads songs or performances of other favorite tracks.
Greek Police welcomes the action of the police officer
The image of the policeman singing suddenly next to a street musician was a pleasant surprise, as he gives another - existing but not widely recognized - sensitive dimension of Police men and women.

In some cases the police, instead of showing a tough face by enforcing the law, it is preferable to display a slight tolerance or even promote a human face that the citizen not only accepts but also welcomes.

As we found out after a little search in the cyberspace, the policeman sings on his YouTube Channel.

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