What To Consider About Outdoor Furniture For Your Guests

There’s one thing that every hotel or B&B needs to focus on, especially in summer, and that’s great outdoor furniture. Regardless of whether every room has a terrace or if there’s a large garden for everyone to enjoy, guests love to be outside to enjoy the sun and sip their drinks.


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As hotels should always be looking to create remarkable experiences for guests, here are several things you need to consider when choosing outdoor furniture.

Match your hotel’s theme

It’s all well and good to spend a lot of time, money, and effort on decorating the room and choosing the bed linen, but if the outdoor furniture is an afterthought, then you might as well not even bother. The furniture needs to reflect what your establishment is all about, such as classic white, contemporary, sleek metal, or wacky and colorful.

The colors and designs you choose should tie into the hotel’s composition so that guests receive a seamless design experience regardless of where they are sitting. Otherwise, it creates a jarring, unusual feeling that doesn’t seem right for visitors.

Think about the weather

One highly important aspect of outdoor furniture is the type of material it’s made from. For example, if the chairs and tables are made out of wood and left outside in the wind, rain, and snow, then these damp conditions will increase rot and algae growth.

If placed somewhere that sees the sun for most of the year, then it’s not such an issue, unless the furniture has metal elements, which get super hot in the sun and can cause scalding when touched. Be sure to think about material, as you might find that one type is far better suited to your hotel than another.

Similarly, aluminum is great because it doesn’t require much maintenance, whereas iron can rust and will need a lot of care to ensure it looks amazing all year round. As well, it’s worth considering the size and weight of the furniture, because the tables and chairs, for instance, must to be easy to move around if you need to pack them away or even to join up other tables to accommodate larger groups.

Still on the topic of weather, if your location has a climate that doesn’t switch too radically all year round, then some eye-catching plants are equally important for guests to admire. Grounded succulents are easy to look after and are beautiful, so read all about caring for these types of plants so they last for many years.

Furthermore, you’ll have to ensure that the tables have different sizes (some for just a couple and others for families of four or more), but are not placed too tightly that guests need to squeeze around others and make it awkward for waiters to serve food and drinks. Think about comfort, too, as hard seats can be quite painful for older guests, in particular, so it’s good to add some nice cushions so that everyone remains contented for longer periods of time (after all, you want guests to keep buying food and drink).

Extra items

Lastly, there are additional items of outdoor furniture that guests always love, including umbrellas to help protect from sun and rain, and even some comfy swing chairs that are not just great to sit in, but a good chance for Instagram pictures and promotion via hashtags. See here for more ways you can help promote your hotel on social media.

If your hotel receives a lot of sun, then sun beds are an absolute must, as guests will want to lounge and chill out while tanning. There are many options with wheels to help turn them so that guests are always facing the sun.

In the end, the right type of outdoor furniture can really seal the deal on an unforgettable hotel experience for your guests. Everyone loves to sit outdoors as much as possible to enjoy the scenery and get some sun, so always try to cater to the outdoors so that guests arrive and leave your hotel feeling happy.

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