Bill Marriott. 12 Rules for Success


Inspired by his father, Willard Marriott, who started his career from a small shop which latter became a hospitality empire, Bill Marriott, a leading figure in the tourism industry with half a century of management experience, compiled a list with the 12 rules of success of any manager or aspiring entrepreneur.

The 12 rules of the 91 year old Bill Marriott, which he wrote in 2014, should be taught at all business universities. Let's see them in detail:

  1. Always challenge your team to improve. Do it often.
  2. Take care of your associates (employees) and they will take care of your customers, who will return.
  3. Celebrate the achievements of your people, not yours.
  4. Learn what you are good at and keep improving.
  5. Do it and do it now. Do not hesitate.
  6. Always hire people smarter than you.
  7. Success is always in the details. "Addicted" to impeccable cleanliness, he used to yield at the hotel manager if he found dust behind the TV.
  8. See every problem as an opportunity to grow.
  9. The needs of visitors may vary, but what stays the same is how they perceive quality.
  10. Recruit people with the appropriate characteristics rather than specific experience (hire for attitude, train for skills).
  11. Always listen to your customers, partners and competitors. He visited 200 hotels a year to meet with partners. His favorite expression, indicative of the fact that he was always open to new ideas, was "What do you think?".
  12. See and be seen. Get out of the office, interact. Always be visible and available.
John Protopapadakis is a marketing and customer service/complaint management expert. He has been an author, a professor, a consultant and a seminar instructor. As a keynote speaker his speeches are content-rich and motivational.{alertInfo}

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